Why choose Bimetallic screw and barrel


Bimetallic screw

Screw diameter: φ10φ250   

upper limit of the length 8000mm

upper limit of the length 8000mm

upper limit of the length 8000mm

Bimetallic barrel

barrel diameter: φ14φ250   
upper limit of the length 4000mm

Grade available of Bimetallic Coating for screw barrel

Bimetallic:38CrMoAlA+bimetallic Alloy

TC-A grade:tungsten carbide 40%

TC-B grade:tungsten carbide 25%

TC-C grade:tungsten carbide 15%

Technicial Index:

Surface roughness: Ra0.4um/m

Barrel linearity: 0.015mm/m

Alloy thickness: 2.53.5mm

Alloy hardness: HRC58°~70

Depth of Nitrated Layer: 0.5-0.8mm
Heat treatment: Nitriding 96 hours
Hardness of nitration: 900-1020Hv
Fragility of nitration: Less than grade 1
Thickness of Cr-coating Layer: 0.03-0.08mm

Why Choose Bimetallic screw barrel?

Bimetallic screw barrel by spraying a higher quality alloy on the surface of base material. The hardness and abrasive-resistant performance is better than nitriding screw barrel , and can achieve longer lifespan. While the price wont be that high as full-hardened screw barrel.

Bimetallic grade is more suitable for processing with bad plastic, such as recycling one, too much filler, such as CoCa3 and Glass Fiber. It is more abrasive-resistant than standard nitrided grade.