Conical Screw and Barrel

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    Conical Screw and Barrel

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Conical Screw and Barrel

1. Materials: 38crmoALA(this kind of material is applicable to double alloy and common molding screw), 42CrMo, SKD61(this material is abrasion resistance), SACM425, stainless steel(this kind of material is corrosion resistance, and applicable to PC, PVC, transparent material), and so on.

 2. Screw specifications; 20mm-300mm, L/D=15-55, length: ≤ 18000mm, injection capacity: 30g-25000g, clamping force: 25-3200 tons.

 3. Treatment; Quenching, nitriding, blackening, electroplated hard-chrome (according to clients' requirement).

4. We can do all types of screws according to clients' requirements


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